Wanderings Around The World of Open Source Data

This is essentially a blog site for my meanderings around the data analysis and data mapping using open-source data in the guise of my alter-ego Mapper Monday.  A love of maps and a career of working with data has led me here.  The short blog pieces will mine different open-source data sets of varying size and complexity and above all will attempt to display data in a spatial form (i.e. data mapping!) which often speaks louder than a table.

Best, Mapper Monday (March 2020)

Featured map


When lockdown was imposed in the UK on March 23rd 2020 I started collating data on confirmed Covid-19 cases across the UK looking for geographic variations (original post here).  As the enormity of the virus impact started to become apparent it became possible to start plotting variations in death rates by country - something I felt (and still feel) the media fails to report, focusing typically on the large aggregate figures emerging from places like the USA and Brazil.  So, I began looking at pan-European death rates which subsequently has become an international analysis.

The map below tracks the change in death rates by country every four weeks from March 20th.