Wanderings Around The World of Open Source Data

This is essentially a blog site for my meanderings around the data analysis and data mapping using open-source data in the guise of my alter-ego Mapper Monday.  A love of maps and a career of working with data has led me here.  The short blog pieces will mine different open-source data sets of varying size and complexity and above all will attempt to display data in a spatial form (i.e. data mapping!) which often speaks louder than a table.

Best, Mapper Monday (March 2020)

Featured map


I became interested in where the Euro 2020 squad players play their club football when I discovered that one of the Finnish goalkeepers plays for my hometown club Bristol Rovers currently languishing in the 4th tier of English football.  Clearly not all the players are lucky enough to be playing in Serie A, the EPL, La Liga or the Bundesliga.  The map below shows the country locations where the 620 squad players play their club football.

I've produced a short blog piece that delves further into the data.  Find it here.