Wanderings Around The World of Open Source Data

This is essentially a blog site for my meanderings around the data analysis and data mapping using open-source data in the guise of my alter-ego Mapper Monday.  A love of maps and a career of working with data has led me here.  The short blog pieces will mine different open-source data sets of varying size and complexity and above all will attempt to display data in a spatial form (i.e. data mapping!) which often speaks louder than a table.

Best, Mapper Monday (March 2020)

Featured map

Since the start of the lockdown I have been tracking the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases by Upper Tier Local Authority in England.  The map below shows 10 Mondays' worth of data.  A blog article delves a bit deeper into the figures and illustrates a little more where we currently are in terms of spatial distribution of cases.  Read it here.

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