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My name is Andrew and I'm a freelance data analyst with a particular emphasis on spatial representation of data through Geographical Informations Systems (GIS).  I am based in North London.

My interest in geography and cartography goes back many years.  The timetable at school meant that you could either study geography or history for O-level (GCSE) but not both.  I opted for geography (the die was cast!) and went on to study it for A-level.


I continued to study Geography at The University of Sheffield 1986-89.  At the time I graduated I was starting to hear the phrase Geographical Information Systems around the department.  Since that time I've suspected that if I'd gone to university a few years later my career path would have been entirely different.

After graduating from Sheffield I did a MSc in Transport Studies and spent the best part of 18 years working as a transport planning consultant, both within a company (Steer Davies Gleave recently renamed as simply Steer) and as a freelancer.

For the past 9 years I've been running a small business in Yorkshire but a change in personal circumstance brought me  to London and created an opportunity for me to go back to school as it were and fulfil the parallel half of my 'sliding-doors' career.

So, I've taught myself how to use QGIS (an open-source GIS package) and am spending time exploring the world of open-source data, learning new ways of presenting information spatially.  I spent years working with 'big-data' so cleaning, manipulating, analysing and presenting data is second-nature to me.

I am seeking to offer my services as both an analyst and data mapper.  Check out the Contact page to see the sorts of clients with whom I am seeking to engage.

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